Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to survive hot weather with kids!

Heat plus kids equals to time spend in the pool or something that can be filled with water.
How to get started?! It is easy, ask your daddy to clean the pool and fill it with water:)
Place all your toys in the water...
It's essential to watch what big sister does and copy her:)

Now you can enjoy hours of undisturbed fun!!!

Garden Update!

Almost all the flowers died while we were gone over the weekend. The temperatures have been in the mid 30's Celsius(over 90 degrees Fahrenheit). The only plant that still produces beautiful flowers and doesn't mind this unbelievable heat is Mount Zion daylily. Every day it opens up one of its gorgeous flowers. The unfortunate thing is that each one of them lasts only one day. I think I should get more of these plants. There is a great daylily nursesry very colose to our house. I think, I'll be shopping next week:)