Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun on the daylily farm!

We went to the daylily farm on Sunday. It wasn’t as much fun as we wanted it to be because of the heat. Zosia destroyed few flowers and waited for our plants to be dug out in a nice shady spot. She didn't have any energy to run. It was very unlike her.
We got some marvelous species. Unfortunately ma camera died and I didn’t get many pictures. I guess it didn’t like the weather either:) Zosia got a baby plant as a gift from the owner. We’ll see what it turns to. It is too small to tell what kind of daylily it is.

I’ve been loving daylilies since I was a little girl like Zosia. They have amazing rich flowers and they last only one day. You can’t use them as cut flowers because they are too sensitive to changes. New England seems to be a daylily heaven. You can find them everywhere. The daylily farms have endless fields planted with thousands of flowering plants. You can pick your own from the field.

Now to the less exciting part which is planting:(

The little destroyer