Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My window display....

Friendship Maine

I'm in love with coastal Maine.
The smell, the taste, the picturesque views and the hardworking sea people.
I'll be back there soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall decorations!

I must say that fall is here, however the weather still behaves like it was the middle of summer.
All off the fall flowers are for sale and we decided to "dress" our house with them. We are going to wait for pumpkins, it's too early:)

Zosia in her Fall outfit with the latest tattoos.
Mom we have to move this one.There is nothing like taking flowers apart:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

9 months- Glamour shots!

Amelka is 10 months now and I didn't have time to post pictures from her wonderful photo session at nine months.

There she is turning into little diva:)

Do I look like dadddy?


Another person who inspires my life is my little brother Bartek.

We are both very creative souls. We constantly feed each other with new ideas and don't seem to get enough of things that make us stimulated and keep inspired. We are simply hungry for more:)

I must confess that he is a better or I would say a more technically skilled photographer. If I had as much time as he, I would be better:) After a long period of being fascinated by digital photography he's back to the roots and is taking analog pictures. He created a new website where he showcases analog pictures only.

Here they are some of my favorites (out of those that he sent me). I have to add that for his recent trip to Turkey he took 5 cameras. You can see more and read more on his website

The homeless washing his feet.
The girl in the mosque.
The place close to ma heart, Krakow. This is where I spent my early twenties, studing, having fun, learning the adult life and looking for the one and only:)
And the master himself. He insisted on including this picture. This is for all those ladies who are looking for a soulmate. He's still not taken:)

Grandmother the creative soul!

Babcia Zosia my maternal grandmother is one of the people who have had a great influence on my personality. To this day I listen to her advices and try to teach my kids to discover the world the way she has always taught us. She used to spark curiosity in her grandchildren’s little souls like nobody else. We would venture with her in the middle of the night to the forest to look for hidden treasures or collect the light bugs. There were countless trips in her tiny car maly Fiat to discover new places.
She still is a very active person who organizes the Harvest Fest in her village. I just got some pictures from the recent celebration. It is always held on August the 15th, when Polish Catholics celebrate Saint Mary as the Queen of Poland. The custom is to create a bouquet made out of the filed flowers and bring it to church to have it blessed. I remember how she taught me to make one. The most important thing is to make top flat as a table.

Babcia presenting her bouquet or as other call it wreath.

Babcia and her two daughters. My aunt on the right is wearing a traditional Polish outfit. After the morning mass there is a parade through the village. People are dressed in traditional outfits and are carrying wreaths made out of this year's harvest.

Pictures are taken by my brother.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ogunquit Maine!

Another beautifull ocean town.
I know, ocean is a little bit off on some of the pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't have time for Photoshop:)