Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little things that made my day!!!

Finally we got the much needed rain. I guess my rain dance helped:) It feels nice to be able to breath again and sleep at night. All my plants are happy too except for those that have already died from heat.

The last lily from my collection started to bloom. Sorry forgot the name, it is an orienpet. Each flower is larger than my hand. Can't wait for the next year, I've already purchased more of the orienpet's that are scheduled to ship in October. They are the most amazing from the lily family. Dzieki tato za porade:) Jestes najlepszym ogrodnikiem!!! Mam nadzieje, ze kiedys Cie przescigne...

And the last but not least. Baby A. stood by herself for the first time with just a little support:). Time flays like crazy. It feels like she was just born. The best advice to the new mothers is to enjoy every single moment with your baby because they grow up too fast.